Research Activities

Research activities are an important component of DRTMC. Some of the research undertaken by the center is as follows:

  • Vulnerability Identification and feasible planning for Different Union of Cox’s Bazaar District in Bangladesh (DRTMC).
  • Improving Local Capacity to Adapt Safety Net Programs to Climate Change (DRTMC and World Bank).
  • Emergency Nursing and Disaster Management: A Cross-Sectional Exploratory Study on Bangladeshi Nurses’ Knowledge and Perceptions on Disaster Preparedness and Response (Md. Khalid Hasan, Assistant Professor, Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies,University of Dhaka)
  • ‘Impact of Magurchara Test Oil Rig Explosion onEnvironment’.
  • By Dr. K. Nizamuddin, Director (DRTMC), Md. SofiUIla\ Lecturer, Department ofGeography and Environment, D.U.Md. Abdul flalim, Research Officer (DRTMC).
  • ‘Perceived Awareness of Land Degradation/Desertification along the Northern Bank of the Ganges’. By Prof. K.B. Saijadur Rasheed, Prof. Abdul Baquee, Department of Geography and Environment, D.U.
  • ‘Drought in Bangladesh : A Study of Northwest Bangladesh’. By Professor MaudoodElahi, Department of Geography, University of Jahangirnagar.
  • ‘Groundwater Arsenic Disaster in Bangladesh : A Geo-environmental Analysis’. By Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography andEnvironment D.U.
  • ‘Brickfields as Environmental Threat : A Study Around Dhaka City’. By MalihaMayeed, Lecturer, Dept. of Geography & Environment, D.U.
  • ‘Study of Noise Pollution in Dhaka City’.By Mahmud Alam, Lecturer, Dept. of Geography &Environment, D.U.